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Sculptural & Functional instruments that combine extraordinary craftmanship with contemporary design

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  • Archie Smith Welcomes You!

    Welcome to Archie Smith Instruments, Here you will find information on the different types of instruments that I make. Please use the links at the bottom of the page to navigate the site. Most pictures on the site enlarge if you just click on them. Now let me tell you a little bit about me.

    In the tradition and spirit of the fine Old World Craftsmen, I work alone. I plan and design, “scout out” sources (from over the world) and acquire the varied and specific materials that I want. I then cut, saw, resaw, bookmatch, glue, sign, date, number, drill, clamp, trim, carve, cut out and prepare various materials for inlay, do the inlay work itself, shape, sand, spray, buff, press in anchors, screw in tuners, string, tune and play my instruments. (I also sweep up the sawdust.)

    I make three types of instruments- the mountain or lap dulcimer, the bowed psaltery and the plucked psaltery All three are wooden string instruments and all three have their own type of “voice”.

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  • About Us!

    In the late 1970′s, Horsebottom Ridge Instruments was developed in the basement studio of our home on – where else? Horsebottom Ridge. Horsebottom Ridge is a ridge that lies just east of the village of Banner Elk in the Appalachian Mountains of northwestern North Carolina.

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