Aging Issues Rear Their Head

March 13, 2016 by archiesmith



The time has arrived when I must reduce significantly the number of Arts & Craft shows that I will be able to do.  The reasons are two-fold – one is that I have reached the age of 72 with a bad back (metal rods, screws, etc.) and driving long distances for a show and setting up is becoming more painful and difficult.  The primary reason, however, is that my dear wife has been diagnosed with dementia and I can only go to a show if I have someone to stay with her.  Shortly, I fear, I will not be able to leave her at all.  (Our 50th anniversary is this June -1966-2016).  This begs the question – what now?

The “what now” is that I will do a few shows (which will be posted on the “Show Schedule” on my website) and I will try to sell more of my instruments from my web site. (My website is being adapted to make this process easy.) Please understand that I will make instruments as long as I am able – I just will not be able to do as many shows as I used to.  I will really miss seeing all of my friends, but “time waits for no man” {or woman}.

I have been so very fortunate to have had the blessing of doing the work that I have wanted to do – be it teaching or making instruments.  Would that all persons could experience that, because if you do what you want to and are drawn to, then it is not work, it is expressing yourself and sharing your passion with others.  People have written to me or called to thank me for the workmanship and love that has gone into the instruments that they have bought or inherited and the pleasure that they and their families have received from instruments that I built with my own hands.  Imagine the satisfaction and pleasure that that affords especially considering that the goal that I strive to achieve with my work is to bring pleasure and joy to those who play and to those who hear my instruments (to say nothing of the fact that my instruments will continue to bring pleasure and joy to people long after I am gone).

Bottom line – I have had (and am having) “a good run”!

Blessings upon all!




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