Butterfly on Chocolate

Price: $ Was $850 Now $550. Serious Offers Considered

Status: Sold

Types of wood: See Below

Instrument Size: 20"x7"x1.5"

Category: Signature Series Gallery


Bowed Psaltery No. 2645

TOP – Figured Claro Walnut

BACK – Figured Curly Claro Walnut

FRAME – Black Walnut


INLAYS – Olive Wood, Ebony, Silver Wire, Abalone Shell & Small Opals

This is the first of a matching pair of Psalteries.  The other is entitled “Butterfly on Cherry.”  On this one, “Butterfly on Chocolate,” we see an inlay of a Butterfly of Ebony, wings of Olive Wood and Abalone Shell, antennas of Silver Wire and small Opals on a background of Book Matched Figured Claro Walnut.  When friends see them and “ooh and ahhh” and say that they want some like them, you can say, “Sorry, they are one-of-a-kind and there are no more just like them.  Please see “Butterfly on Cherry” – special deal on the matching pair.