Status: Available

Types of wood: Curly Figured Maple

Instrument Size: 35"X9"X2.5"

Category: Dulcimers

Maple wood had an incredible variety of beautiful and fascinating grain patterns.  On this particular instrument are to be found a mixture of curly (rippled) and figured grain pattern.  It is mostly curly on the neck and sides, but with curl and more figure on the top, back and fretboard.  This beautiful grain pattern is further enhanced by the book matching of the top and back -(this is a process in which a piece of wood is split and then opened up like a book so that each side of the top and the back is a “mirror image” of the other).  This produces a unique instrument unlike any other.  When you are not playing the dulcimer you can display it on the wall display hanger that is included.  This will show off your dulcimer as the art piece that it truly is.

It also comes with a set of mechanical tuners which make tuning the dulcimer much easier if you are going to be playing it often and later, if you want to use it primarily as an art piece, you can put the wooden pegs back in.  If you wish, I can install the mechanical tuners for you and send the wooden pegs with the dulcimer.  PLEASE READ MY POST OF MAY 21, 2015 – a note regarding Wooden Tuning Pins.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.