Curly Zebrawood Signature Series Dulcimer w/Ebony Inlay


Status: Sold

Types of wood: Curly Zebrawood, Ebony and Pommel Bubinga

Instrument Size: approx. 35"X7"X2.5"

Category: Dulcimers

Curly Zebrawood Signature Series Dulcimer w/Ebony Inlay

This is the most intricate Dulcimer that I have ever make.  The Dulcimer sides are bookmatched Pommel Bubinga while the sides of the neck are bookmatched Zebrawood.  I took a piece of RARE and beautiful Curly Zebrawood and resawed 4 slices off of it on a bandsaw.  The first two slices I bookmatched for the top and the second two slices I bookmatched for the back of this truly special dulcimer.  The binding around the edges of this special piece, is solid Ebony.  All of the wood in this dulcimer is Curly Zebrawood with the exception of the binding, inlay, fretboard and sides.  The inlay is an Ebony design that starts of one side of the dulcimer, goes over the fretboard and continues on the other side of the dulcimer.  The fretboard itself is made from Pommel Bubinga, like the sides, EXCEPT that this is live growth rather than heartwood.

As a finish for this remarkable dulcimer, I used 18 coats of a Classical Instrument Lacquer.

This dulcimer, as all, comes with a display hanger – see photo- AND a set of Grover Mechanical Tuners.  If you are going to be playing the dulcimer often, the mechanical tuners work better than the wooden ones (which slip as the temperature and humidity change.)  The wooden pegs look nicer if you are going to play it only occasionally.  If you would like I will install  the mechanical pegs before I ship and send the wooden pegs with it.  The mechanical tuners can be installed without damaging the neck so that you can remove them and replace the wooden pegs as you please.

This is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece.  No one else has one exactly like this.  A REAL COLLECTORS PIECE!