Delightful Dragonflies

Price: $Was $2500. Now $1250. SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Available

Types of wood: See Above

Instrument Size: approx. 27"X11"X1.75" for whole piece - 20"X7"X1.75" for instrument

Category: Signature Wall Display Gallery


Bowed Psaltery No. 2715

TOP- Quilted Maple

BACK – Walnut

FRAME – Walnut


INLAYS – Ebony, Pigmented Epoxy, Abalone Shell, Mother-of-Pearl, and Malachite

Dragoneflies are, to me, one of nature’s most delightful insects and that delight is captured in this piece.  Abalone and truly striking rare, Curly White Mother-of-Pearl wings attempt to capture the true wonder of the delicate wings and the green the Malachite eyes project a sense of three dimensionalism while, at the same time, maintaining that dimension of artistic creative realism.  The ability to allow the dragonflies to “SING” allows yet another dimension to this one-of-a-kind functional work of art.

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