Humming Bird Feast

Price: $ Was $850 Now $450. SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Sold

Types of wood: See Below

Instrument Size: 20"x7"x1.5"

Category: Signature Series Gallery

Humming Bird Feast

Bowed Psaltery No. 2455

TOP – Curly Ceylon Satinwood

BACK – Figured Curly Walnut

FRAME – Black Walnut


INLAY – Ebony, White & Gold Mother of Pearl, Abalone Shell and Red Ruby Jade Chips

The Air Force did not invent mid-air refueling as here we see a humming bird on Mother of Pearl wings feeding in mid-air from a Red Ruby Jade Chip trumpet flower against a backdrop of a bright, sunny Curly Satinwood sky.  What pleasure can be derived from such a simple scene!