Ingrown Bark Ash Bowed Psaltery (Std.)

Price: $Was $550. Now $350 SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Sold

Types of wood: Top bookmatched Ingrown Bark Ash - Back bookmatched Figured Black Walnut - Frame Black Walnut

Instrument Size: 21"X7"X1.5"

Herein lies a tale about the wood on the top of this psaltery.  In recent past years I have done many Arts & Crafts Festivals in Ohio.  A fellow woodworker told me of a wonderful lumber company in the middle of Amish country in Ohio that handled unusual and exotic woods as well as a good stock of domestic woods.  It is called Keim Lumber Company (and if any of you are looking for some great and unusual wood, I highly recommend it).  As you go north on I77 and get to New Philadelphia turn left and head to Cloud, OH. 

Anyway, one time when I went here, I saw this truly fascinating wood which I had never seen before.  It reminded me somewhat of Bird’s Eye Maple, but was a richer tone of brown.  I asked what it was and was told that it was Ingrown Bark Ash.  I had never heard of such a thing or this kind of wood.  As I looked closely at the wood I noticed that many of the dark brown spots in the wood were indeed, bark.

The wood is indeed beautiful and bookmatching the front truly enhances that beauty as it creats a mirror image effect.  It also produces a most beautiful sound.

Ingrown Bark Ash Bowed Psaltery (Std.)