Intensely Curly Figured Maple Dulcimer W/Doves

Price: $ Was $850 Now $550. SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Sold

Types of wood: Curly, Figured, Spalted Maple

Instrument Size: approx. 35"X7"X2.5"

Category: Dulcimers

Intensely Curly Figured Maple Dulcimer W/Doves

This is a truly striking example of Maple REALLY showing off.  The top and back came from the same piece of wood and is book matched four ways (each side of the top and the back matches the other side and the top matches the back).  You will also note that on either side of the fretboard and either side of the seam on the back a small section of spalting which throws streaks in the spalted area.  In addition to this bookmatching, the sides and the neck are all bookmatched.  There are inlays of two doves (figured Sapele) on either side of the fretboard and one inlay (pigmented epoxy) of a descending dove on the fretboard itself.

The dulcimer comes with a Wall Display Hanger and a set of Grover Mechanical Tuners which I can install before shipping if you wish and send the wooden pins.  PLEASE READ MY POST OF MAY 21, 2015 REGARDING “A NOTE ON WOODEN TUNING PINS.”

PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, ETC.  Someone is going to get a great bargain on this unique, heirloom dulcimer.