Quilted Figured Maple Bowed Psaltery (Std)

Price: $Was $550. Now $350 SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Sold

Types of wood: Quilted Figured Maple Top & Back - Black Walnut Frame

Instrument Size: 20"x7"x1.5"

Quilted maple is a truly beautiful and fascinating wood that is highly prized for musical instruments and very fine crafts.  “Quilted” refers to the grain pattern (like curly maple or bird’s eye maple) rather than the species of maple.  This “quilting or blistered” grain pattern occurs sometimes in the Big Leaf Maples that grow in the Pacific Northwest.  While some varieties of this grain pattern appear as circular swirls known as quilting or blistering, this piece displays the large ripple variety.  Notice on the photographs that with the book matching of both the top and back, the “ripples” go all the way across the instrument.  What these photographs cannot show, however, is that when you move the instrument from side to side in the light the ripples appear to be holographic – like the ripples appear to be three dimensional so that appears that you are seeing “into” the wood.

The dark walnut frame stands in beautiful contrast to the lighter hue of the maple.  The visual beauty of the instrument is certainly enhanced by the haunting, ethereal sounds and music coming from the strings as it is bowed.



Q F Map BS front square