Silver Threads on Walnut

Price: $Was $2000. Now $950. SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Available

Types of wood: See Above

Instrument Size: approx. 27"X11"X1.75" for whole piece - 20"X7"X1.75" for instrument

Category: Signature Wall Display Gallery

Silver Threads on Walnut

Bowed Psaltery No. 2408

TOP – Curly Figured Claro Walnut

BACK – Curly Figured Claro Walnut

FRAME – Black Walnut


INLAY & DISPLAY HANGER – Cross-sectioned Black Walnut Shells & Aluminum Alloy

The soundhole of cross-sectioned Black Walnut Shells {I ate the meat from these walnuts – delicious} find themselves, appropriately enough, inlayed into a beautiful bookmatched curly figured Walnut top where they reveal to you their rarely exposed inner intricate and geometric secrets. These natural wonders are outlined and framed by a chain of Aluminum Alloy which provides a striking contrast to the dark wood and presents a pleasing image to the eye to say nothing of ethereal sounds of the strings which are most pleasing to the ear.