Wavy Cherry Dulcimer

Price: $ Was $850 Now $450. SERIOUS OFFERS CONSIDERED

Status: Available

Types of wood: Book Matched Wavy Cherry Dulcimer

Instrument Size: approx. 35"X7"X2.5"

Category: Dulcimers


This dulcimer is a wonderful example of Wavy Cherry.  One sometimes hears of “Curly Cherry,” but the “curls” in Cherry are never as intense as in curly Maple, for example.  Rather you see the grain pattern in WAVES rather than intense curls.  Cherry is one of the few woods that is photo reactive which means that it will turn a deeper red as it is exposed to light.  There is NO stain on this dulcimer – it is totally natural.  In fact, when first made, the color of this dulcimer was a VERY light pink.

It has four strings with a double melody string so that if you prefer a traditional three string dulcimer, it is quite easy to remove one of the tuning pegs and one string  — whereas if you start with a three string and want to add a double melody string, it would be difficult.

PLEASE READ MY POST OF MAY 21, 2015 – A NOTE ON WOODEN TUNING PINS.  This dulcimer comes with  a wall display hanger and a set of Grover Mechanical Tuning Pins.  If you would like, I could install the mechanical pegs before I ship and then send the wooden pins with it.  This will give you the option of tuning pegs.  The Grover Mechanical Pins do not require additional drilling or screws for installation.

Please contact me with any questions, concerns, etc, that you may have.