May your Year Be Great In 2008

January 7, 2008 by archiesmith

Here it is – 2008 – and I am busy working on new pieces as well as the obligatory New Year Resolutions.  High on the list of resolutions is the diet.  I must confess that I fell off the dietary wagon over the holidays and, if the truth be told, sometime before the hilidays.  I made the pragmatic decision not to start my diet until Jan. 2.  How can one truly enjoy the bowl games on New Year’s Day with snacks – to do so would seem almost, well, un-American.  I am now approaching the one-week mark for my diet and am still hanging in there.

As I mentioned in my blog last month, while certainly not sacrificing acoustic considerations, I am moving more in the artistic direction with my instruments.  The continued exploration of highly figured wods, new and varaied inlay materials, as well as design development takes much of my time.  Often I find that I simply lose track of time and find myself in my own world as ideas float around in my mind.  I have decided to design and build some display hangings for special pieces, like the Dali piecd.  It would be hung on the wall as art, but could also be taken down and played, ie.-functional art – more on this later.

‘Tis the season for applying to art shows and lining up my Art Fair Schedule for 2008.  I will post my schedule as shows line up.  One thing that I am going to try to do this year is to take a western tour.  Have my fingers crossed for a number of western shows in places such as Seattle, Park City, Ut., Sun Valley, ID., etc.  I especially want to get to the Pacific Northwest.  For those who are interested in finding wonderful woods, this is a Mecca.  Hope it works out.

So begins 2008.  I would like to thank those who took advantage of Free Shipping for December – hope that this helped.  May you havae a most wonderful year, may your resolutions come to fruition, may you have good health and may your hearts and lives be filled with love, peace and joy.  Until my next blog- be safe and healthy.


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