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June 1, 2008 by archiesmith




It has been awhile since my last blog.  I have been busy working on new pieces and new designs for display pieces to bring out the best of the visual beauty of the new work.  It is also the time for numerous art fairs and festivals.  I have done several shows in Ohio and am on my way now to a new, for me, art festival in East Hampton on Long Island, New York.  While I have had the opportunity of visiting and exhibiting at art festivals in a number of places in New York, I have never been to Long Island and am looking forward to visiting the area and exhibiting my work there.

Shortly after the Long Island show, I am on my way out west for a western tour!  (Check my Art Fair Schedule page on this web site.)  I am very excited to be exhibiting at Bellevue, Washington.  The northwest is such a beautiful area and I have never done a show there.  I must confess that I have an additional reason for wanting to visit this area.  For those woodworkers among you, you know that the Pacific Northwest is a “Mecca” for wonderful wood.  While I have ordered wood for my instruments from a number of fine dealers in Washington and Oregon, I am very excited about going there and hand picking some pieces of CHOICE Quilted Maple, Redwood Burl, etc. for my instruments.  For those of you who are familiar with various woods, you know that the most beautiful Quilted Maple in the world comes from the Pacific Northwest.  This wood has an almost holographic look and is highly prized for use in musical instruments.  (Musical instrument grade is the TOP and highest grade of wood – and the most expensive.)  The very best is expensive, but my philosophy is that – if I am going to spend so much of my time, energy, effort and expertise on building THE VERY BEST instruments that I possible can, then that effort and my customers deserve THE VERY BEST materials that are available.  I know what woods I am looking for, and I want to hand pick the very best.

From Washington State I head for Utah the next weekend for a wonderful show in Park City.  This is, as you know, a prime area for skiing in the winter.  Also, I have a source for fantastic burl woods from all over the world in Utah.  I get fabulous burls from Australia – Red and Brown Mallee and Coo1abah .  Not only am I able to find wonderful woods in Utah, but also minerals such as turquoise that I use for inlays.  I am able to hand pick the exact material that I need to help me to fulfill the vision that I see for my instruments.

After Park City, UT. I head to Idaho for a show at Sun Valley.  What incredible beautiful scenery is to be found in Idaho!  I truly enjoy showing and sharing my instruments with others, but the privilege of being able to see this extraordinarily beautiful country is truly a most humbling experience.  I hope to meet many new friends and to share my art with others.  At shows, people often ask me how I am willing to part with my instruments after spending untold hours tender, loving care on them.  The answer to this question is that I am thrilled to send my “children” out into the world to bring pleasure and joy to the persons who purchase them, to their families and to those with whom they come into contact.  This is why they are crafted – to bring pleasure and joy others.

If you are able to attend any of these shows, please stop by and say “hello” and let me demonstrate to you the beautiful sounds and pleasure that these instruments can bring to you and to your loved one, or just stop by to say “hello.”

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