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March 21, 2008 by archiesmith

March has arrived and a new season is upon us.  I have been to three shows in Florida so far this year and am very pleased at the reception of my new work.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I have been working on some new designs.  Besides the new psalteries, I have designed and built several new wall display pieces for specific instruments.  (See the Signature Series Gallery Pages.)  Over the years a number of people have bought my instruments but have expressed no interest in playing them.  They told me that the pieces were art and were going to be displayed on the wall as visual art.  I responded that the instruments are FUNCTIONAL ART and could provide pleasure as visual art on the wall AND be taken down, played and provide auditory pleasure as well.  I decided that the visual aspect of this functional art could be enhanced by designing and building unique wall display pieces for specific instruments.  These pieces enhance the visual beauty while still providing the functionality of being able to take the instrument down from the display, play it and then return it to the display.

Each one of the instruments and wall display pieces is a TRULY UNIQUE, ONE-OF-A-KIND work of art.  They are designed to draw the eye to the contrasting, yet complimentary lines of the instrument itself and the display piece.  Some have themes that carry from the instrument itself to and into the display piece to create a singularity of statement and theme. An example of this is the Dali Psaltery that I showed in my Dec. blog. (See Above)  I have designed and built a display piece for instrument that takes the desolate tree inlayed in Mammoth Ivory on the psaltery and expanding it in exotic woods to become a display piece from which the psaltery is suspended.  I am currently designing other instruments and display pieces that will carry this idea even further.

My goal in this new direction is to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that could well become centerpieces on a wall, that can be taken down to play beautiful music, that will bring pleasure and joy to the owner and, that will bring to all family and friends pleasure and joy as well as admiration, appreciation and, perhaps, a touch of envy.

I am always interested in receiving questions, comments and suggestions from website visitors and I welcome yours.

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