On Those Who Help Tax Cheaters (OPINION)

January 25, 2012 by archiesmith

I have recently noticed a proliferation in ads on TV of legal firms advertising to help those who owed back taxes to the government to reduce the amount owed by substantial amounts, often well over 50%.  There are a number, no doubt, but the two that I have noticed the most ads from are Blue Tax and Tax Masters.  On a superficial level what we see are companies – entrepreneurs who are offering to reduce the tax liabilities of those who owe back taxes.  (Hey, they “gotta” make a living too, right?)

Blue Tax boasts that have settled a tax liability of $20,000. for approximately $6,000.  Think about this – this means that the rest of the taxpayers are going to have to come up with the remaining $14,000 OR the government is going to have to borrow it from the Chinese, in which case our children and grandchildren will have to repay it.  I find particularly egregious an ad by Tax Masters in which the founder asks, “Have you not filed tax returns” for the past 5 years.  “Is the IRS calling your home or your office?” “We have helped many good people, just like you, to reduce their tax obligations”.    WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE AND STOP THE PRESSES!

DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT?  Good people who haven’t filed their tax returns in years.  For some strange reason I have always assumed that “good people” pay their taxes and do not attempt to cheat their government and their fellow taxpayers!  Are these ads and these businesses legal? – Obviously so, they are run by lawyers who watch that sort of thing, but, if we look at the ethical side of the issue, the waters suddenly become muddied.

First of all, these people did not file tax returns.  Freedom is not free and these people are enjoying the benefits of freedom on the efforts of others.  These “good people, just like you” care ONLY for themselves. They seem to feel that hard working people who struggle to make a living and DO pay their taxes are, in reality, serfs who are forced unwillingly to support their “betters” who are above the law.  Where have I heard that concept before, perhaps France in 1788?  Remember what happened the next year, 1789 and the beginning of the French Revolution. Do I believe that we are on the verge of a “Second French Revolution complete with updated versions of the guillotine, no, BUT, when segments of society believe that they are above the law and the DUTY and RESPONSIBILTY of paying taxes does not apply to them, but only to the “great unwashed”, as Kipling said, then we are in trouble.  (Think of Leona Hemsley!)

If these businesses who help tax cheaters reduce their financial obligations to the government, succeed, they have made their money, their living, on the backs of the honest, hardworking taxpayers who believe in duty and responsibility and who have been “shafted” by irresponsible persons who have refused to accept any responsibility for the opportunities given to them by our democratic system and look for “loopholes” provided by legal organizations such as Blue Tax and Tax Masters which “absolve them of their sins” for a price and thereby cheat the honest, patriotic citizen who struggles to pay his fair share for the price of democracy”.  As far as I am concerned, these “good people” are parasites on society.

I have e-mailed Tax Masters regarding this issue and have received (surprise, surprise), no response.  As always, I welcome your response.   

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