Regarding Plucked Psalteries

October 30, 2016 by archiesmith

My dear friends,

I wrote in the blog below – “Unfortunately, the Time Has Arrived”,  that age, infirmities and circumstances are forcing me to retire and give up my musical instrument making.  This has been a big part of my life and I will miss it but I know that my “children” – the instruments, will go on independently of me to achieve their purpose and reason for their existence – to give pleasure and joy to those who play them and those who hear them.  While I will continue to repair my instruments, should the need occur, I have found a fine, experienced young luthier in southern Indiana who is taking over my Plucked Psaltery business.  I have seen photos of his work and I am very impressed.  He has worked for years on instruments for a business there that I KNOW has the highest standards for quality and, as such, I have no qualms or hesitation at all about his taking over the Plucked Psalteries from me.

His name is Kevin Rohrbach and he and his family live in Southeastern Indiana.  As he is just now starting his own business, he is still working on a website, brochures, etc.  The name of his business is Bear Branch Music Works, his email is and he does have a Facebook page.   His phone number is 812-571-2772 and I encourage you to support this fine young luthier and his young family.        (Am still looking for someone suitable to pick up the Bowed Psaltery part of the business.  Will let you know if and when that happens.)

Thank you for your long support and friendship.

Blessings upon you and yours,

Archie Smith

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