May 21, 2015 by archiesmith

Since my accident (see It Finally Happened) I have not been able to demonstrate my Dulcimers since I cannot bend the remaining fingers on my right hand.  As a result of this, I have decided to concentrate on the Bowed Psaltery and stop making Dulcimers.  I still have a number of Dulcimers on hand and have decided to try to sell them online.  Photos and info. will be posted of individual pieces.  Anyone who is interested is encouraged to call or email me with any questions.  (While I have difficulty strumming them, I am able to make or repair them should the need arise.)

Photos, descriptions etc. of individual pieces posted in the “Instrument > Dulcimer” section.  Please note that I will also be taking them to art and craft shows as well, so if you are interested in a particular one you might wish to let me know soon.

A note about the WOODEN TUNING PEGS-          As those of you who are familiar with wooden tuning pegs know, they will slip as temperature and humidity change – it is simply the nature of wood.  Using SMALL bits of powered rosin helps a great deal, but eventually they will slip.  This will work fine if your purpose is to play it occasionally and display.  If you notice, there are wooden fine tuners on the tail block.  These are helpful for minor tuning.  You slide the tuners forward to flatten and back to sharpen.  If, on the other hand, you plan to play it a lot and to change tuning often, you might wish to replace the wooden pins with mechanical ones.  I now include a set of mechanical friction tuning pins that will fit into the current holes with wooden spacers so that you do not have to drill additional holes or screw anything into the neck.  This will allow you to remove the mechanical pins and replace the wooden pins (which, quite frankly, look much better) without damaging the neck and then replace the wooden pegs if you want to display the instrument.  If you want to have the mechanical tuners installed when you get it, let me know and I will install them and send the wooden pegs with the dulcimer.

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