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December 27, 2016 by admin

Now that circumstances have forced me to “throw in the towel” insofar as art and craft shows with my instruments are concerned, the question now arises,—What Next?  It would seem that, perhaps, I have loved exercising my creativity more than I have engaging in selling the instruments.  The result of this being that I have quite a number of bowed psaltery and some dulcimer “children” who have yet to been afforded the opportunity of carrying out the mission for which they were created –i.e.- bringing pleasure and joy to those who play and to those who hear them.  Considering their mission and the love that has gone into their creation, the idea that these, my “children” might possibly wind up in a box or in a flea market is appalling to me and simply unacceptable. The result of this situation calls for action which will, hopefully, encourage and enhance their chances of being “adopted” and, thereby, carrying out their mission; their raison d’etre, their “reason for being.”

To this end, I am reducing prices of my instruments to encourage their “adoption.”  The prices of the psalteries will, of course, include all of the accouterments as shown elsewhere on the website and, to further encourage “adoption,” I will pay shipping.  As you will notice when looking at specific instruments I have listed the original price and the new (more enticing) price.  The original guarantee of repair or replacement for problems of materials or workmanship will be there for so long as I am able to work.

As my creativity is not getting older and does not, most fortunately, have back problems, I am going to be “scratching” that creative itch by doing woodwork that allows me to sit more of the time.  I still have some exotic and beautiful woods left and have every intention to use them.  (May even post some photos of new creations on the website.)  STAY TUNED!! (THE FAT LADY HAS NOT SUNG YET!!!)

Archie Smith      (12-27-16)


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