March 31, 2017 by admin

Dear Friends,

I suppose that this is a continuation of my last blog, “What’s Next”?   Early in Feb., 2017, I had a totally unexpected quadruple bypass open heart surgery.  The surgery was successful (Yippee) and I am recovering nicely, but my back “absolutely and obstinately INSISTS on continuing to deteriorate” in spite of all my sincere and urgent pleas to the contrary – (BOO! HISS!).

I hope, and continue to do so, that I will be able to “get back out to the shop” and try some power carving on bowls and trays with some of the exotic (and expensive) wood that I have left – time will tell.  I mentioned in an earlier post something about the “fat lady singing” and, while I will fight it tooth and nail, realistically I must face the possibility that the “fat lady might have sung.”

Which brings me to the matter of “My Children”.  I am going (again) to reduce the prices of my more expensive absolutely one-of-a-kind Signature Series “children” in hopes of finding them homes.  Likewise, I will also entertain serious offers.  Again, if you know of anyone who might be interested in one of these “children”, please ask them to check them out on this website AND if they have ANY questions about any of them to please call or email me.

Thank you so very much for your interest, encouragement, support and kind comments over the years.  Again, it is my most sincere wish that the labor of love that goes into the building of my “children” will bring the fruit of pleasure, joy and peace to those who play them and to those who hear them.

I hope to talk with you again, and in the meanwhile, please take care of yourselves and, like the admonition that I give to my “children”, may you engender pleasure, joy and peace to your loved ones AND to those with whom you interact with.  We ALL need this!

Archie Smith


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